FatCat Application – Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy (“policy”) of FatCat App (FCA) Application and the collective of the company (“FatCat App”, “Application”, “software”, “platform”, ”us, “we” or ”our”) may collect, use and process your Personal Data that has been disclosed to us, via the FatCat App and its platform, as well as through its features, products and other services.
The privacy policy applies to everyone using the FatCat app. This includes users, customers, clients, service providers, hotels, contractors, and any individual or corporation’s services that are made available on the platform for purchase or procurement as well as those who are obtaining services on the FatCat app.
Your Personal Data collected is any information that can be used to identify you which would include your name, nationality, telephone number, bank, debit/credit card details, other financial related data in order to facilitate payment or store of value, email address, date of birth, photograph and not limited to biometric data, and government issued identification documents such as passports, travel visas, or cards which contain your identification number(s).

Collection of Personal Data
We collect your Personal Data and may combine any other Personal Data you submit within our possession. This is to ensure we have the best information to serve you to the best of our ability and across all our services provided.
Provided Personal Data
We collect Personal Data that you have provided to us on the app. This includes:

  • Submission of your user profile information and relevant documents in relation to bookings and travel for using the said services provided from the packages purchased
  • Email address and contact information to be tagged to your user ID and profile.
  • Credit card, debit card or bank information you submit to fulfil your orders on the app. Submission of any banking or financial information such as e-wallet address, credit card or debit card information to be held as a store of value on the app or as a form of payment.
  • Interaction with our social media pages, which could include your social media ID, profile photo, and other public information.
  • Additional verification through submission of governmental ID, ID numbers, selfie images and other forms that may be requested in order to complete verification.
  • Biometric data for login and/or authentication process such as face ID, fingerprint, and other future features that may be implemented.
  • Location information when determining your point of service and other uses of location in order to best use the FatCat app services.
  • We may also collect demographic information such as age, gender, emergency contact, contact information and other information that may be necessary to best serve you on the app.
  • We may require collecting data on the type of mobile devices you are using to ensure the app to fix, repair, maintain, or upgrade the system to ensure seamless experience and continued compatibility.
  • Phone information may also include hardware information, IP address, file names, version of the app, advertisement info (if any) and other data in relation to the FatCat app services.
  • Interaction data on how you used the app which include content viewed, features, and other information pertaining to the usage of the app.

You may be subject to additional Personal Data deemed necessary by legal requirements, or contractual obligations to use the FatCat app platform. Incomplete or false information will be deemed as a failure to comply with the legal requirements and will result in the FatCat services account being disabled, banned, or given limited usage until the requirements can be fulfilled.

Data from other sources
The Personal Data collected which includes and not limited to your name, contact information, address, bank debit/credit cards, or any financial data and other information pertaining to your profile may be transferred to us in accordance to applicable laws for services such as:

  • Service providers and payment providers
  • Insurance and financial services
  • Credit bureau and reporting agencies
  • Publicly available data
  • Governmental data sources
  • Marketing services and partners
  • Any data that may be captured through interaction on the FatCat App

Sensitive Data
We collect data that may be sensitive in nature which may include race, religious beliefs, background information, financial, criminal record, health data, marital status, disabilities, and government ID information, along with any additional information that may be needed from time to time. All information collected will be with your consent and strict compliance with the applicable laws. Failure to comply may result in ban, temporary account freeze or limited usage of the FatCat App.

Consent of Other Individual’s Data
If you submit any data such as booking /contact details of another individual, contact in case of emergency (if any), or referral data, you are responsible and liable to seek consent from the said individual and have been given permission for FatCat App to collect such data and be used as stated in this policy.

Usage of Personal Data
Your Personal Data may be used in a variety of ways to personalize, provide, maintain and improve the FatCat App overall services. The Personal Data may be used in the following situations but not limited to the following:

  • Provide services across the FatCat platform and all its partners, strategic partners, collaborative efforts, and other travel and entertainment services.
  • Create, update and administer your information on the account.
  • Due diligence and various checks.
  • Verify your identity and age.
  • Process payments.
  • Track the progress of your service request before, during until completion of the service requested.
  • Favourite travel locations and personalization.
  • Photos of government ID to verify and create a seamless verification process where necessary.
  • Data to perform maintenance, upgrades and other forms of studies to further improve the services provided.
  • Process and manage rewards.
  • And any additional processes, upgrades and other modifications that may be required to enhance the entire user experience or introduction of new features.
  • Usage of your data to handle customer support matters and investigate any discrepancies should there be any issues or complaints.
  • Respond to your feedback where necessary to best find a solution, should there be an issue.
  • Monitoring purposes to gauge quality and improve on customer support.

Safety and Security

  • Data will be used to screen and allow all travel and entertainment service providers on the FatCat app to undergo a screening process for the best and safest type of individuals, sole proprietorship, partnership or business entity to the best of our knowledge.
  • Verification of ID, password, and/or biometric scan when logging into the FatCat App.
  • Activation of your mobile device camera in order to unlock the app via biometric scan, or any form of upload of documents, proof of payment and the like (When the feature is available).

Research and Development Purposes
In order to improve and ensure the safety of our users on and off the FatCat App, we may use Personal Data for testing, research, analysis, product and services development, to better the offerings and make it a safe and secure platform for everyone to use with ease.

Legal Issues
Your Personal Data may be used in court and other legal proceedings or to facilitate investigations in areas that may have disputes and where applicable by law.
The data may also be used during mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, sale of company assets, consolidation, financing, restructuring, and other legal business venture related decisions within legal grounds.

Marketing and Promotions
We may use your Personal Data to market and send you promotions, updates, sponsorship, advertisements, and other forms of marketing to inform you of any promotional activities and privileges you may have.
This can come through post, telephone, text messages, push notification, email, or any other form of communication.
You may choose to mute these notifications on your phone and app settings on your mobile device.

Disclosure of Personal Data
In certain cases, we may need to share your Personal Data with the FatCat App partners and service providers for identification and provision of bookings, and services. This may include your name, phone number, along with other data available on the app and documentation necessary for travel and such.
Your data could also be shared with any of FatCat App and platform partners that provide other products and services on the app. These include marketing partners, consultants, research firms, vendors, business partners and other legal entities that is related to the business.
In case of an investigation and or legal altercations, your Personal Data may be released to the authorities to further facilitate the investigation process should there be any that involve the FatCat App platform and its companies.
Should there be an emergency, your Personal Data may be shared with the emergency services and other government agencies in situations that require immediate response during a crisis and tracing purposes.

Data Retention
In accordance to the law, FatCat App will retain your Personal Data for the period necessary to run our services and store it as required by law. Should your data no longer be required due to the termination of FatCat App, or any other legal steps and amendments done to the privacy laws, we will proceed to destroy and remove your Personal Data as discreetly as possible to prevent access of unauthorize usage.

International Transfers of Data
As a digital application, FatCat App may transfer your Personal Data across borders wherever the service and servers are maintained, or in the scenario that the company expands and provides its services in other countries. Your data will be made available should you use the services while being in a different country, state or city and be transferred between the operating country and the alternate location that you are visiting or where the operations of the digital application is set up.

Cookies and Advertising
The FatCat App and platform may use cookies, web beacons, tags, scripts, local shared objects, HTML5, Flash, and other similar advertising and preference methods to advertise to you internal or external advertisements from other third-party platforms.
Cookies may share Personal Data you have and your use of services such as browser type, search preferences, IP address, advertisement data and usage.
Should there be any third-party services on the app, FatCat App may allow them to use the cookies and data, settings to best serve you on the FatCat App. These third-party services will be allowed to use your Personal Data and may be used on their website, platform and such, and may not be controlled or accessed by FatCat App.
FatCat App may share non-personal identifiable data with third parties such as location, advertising preference, identifiers, and other similar data they may collect to be used for targeted ads on third party platforms.
You may change your Cookies and Personal Data collection preferences on your internet browser settings through your mobile device settings.

Protection of Personal Data
FatCat App and the entirety of its platform takes reasonable steps and employ a range of baseline technical measures, along with organisational and legal methods in place to ensure your Personal Data is protected to the best of our knowledge. Data will be shared within the organisation and to approved parties. The data accessible by staff and employees are on a strict need to know basis and will be handled with the strictest of confidentiality standards.
Any data leakages beyond that such as on the internet and other forms, may be out of our purview and may not be fully secured during upload from your internet connection or other possible data breaches in between. Please be aware that these forms of transmission of data remains at your own risk.

Your Rights to Your Personal Data
We respect your rights to your Personal Data and in accordance to the laws and regulations of Malaysia, you are entitled to find out and ask about the processing of your Personal Data which also includes the right to request for a copy, correction or deletion of your Personal Data.
In selected cases you may request to restrict the processing of your Personal Data and withdraw your consent to the processing of your Personal Data. This may result in limited usage of the app and its services due to the limitations imposed.
You may request receipt or transmission to another organisation, in a machine-readable form, of the Personal Data that you have provided us, in situations where we are using your Personal Data based on your consent or performance of a contract.
Should you feel you have suffered any violation and unlawful acts using your Personal Data, you have the right to file a complaint with the relevant data privacy authorities.
It is within your legal right and you may choose not to provide or share your Personal Data with us should you choose not to do so and may opt to withdraw your Personal Data after it is being used for processes and such.
Without the consent to your Personal Data or withdrawal of consent may hinder the use of the FatCat App and its services, or unable to use the FatCat, app, or services altogether.
Policy Amendment and Updates
FatCat has the right to modify, update or amend its terms of its Privacy Policy at any given time without prior consent by placing it on its website. By continuing the usage of the App, Website or Service, you provide that you accept the modifications, updates or amendments to its Policy.
Contact Us
Should you have any queries regarding this Policy and require further clarification, you may contact us at [email protected]
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