V-Lift Revival / Pores Refining / Hydra Restorative
Reborn every day! The powerful skin rejuvenator provides an entire face lift in just one minute, thanks to the State-Of-The-Art formula of bio-peptide and other active plants extract which maximize the enhanced rejuvenating of the skin intensively. The Miracle Uplift Mist features age-defying with potent antioxidant-rich and highly active moisturizing properties help to increase skin vitality, restore skin moisture from within, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles while decelerating pre-maturing skin distinctively. It provides deep effect to reveal for a more defined skin texture, firmer with visible V shaped face contour and most of all for a more youthful appearance!


Instant face lift Promote skin elasticity and firmness Improve skin hydration Restore radiant skin Smoothen facial line Anti-aging


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